Nov. 11th, 2014 05:11 pm
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I left a box of next generation Starkphones in the lobby for anyone who wants one.

For those of you who don't happen to be from my personal future and who don't already know all about it, these are brand new cutting edge phones with stretchable, bendable screens. Impossible to break. Always the right size. Never wish you had a bigger or smaller screen again.

My marketing people are still working on what to call them -- they refuse to call it the silly putty phone -- I mean, realistically, how could it go wrong? Popular children's toy, happy childhood associations, who wouldn't want one?

But I digress. This is a one time only offer, these babies won't be in stores for another year or two and you're lucky I have a few to give away.

Special feature only available for the nexus hotel:

These phones have been modified to collect and analyze data about the doors in this hotel. If you point them at a door, open or closed, they will collect and display information about that door (pics, location within hotel, gravitation and radiation profile, etc.) If you opt in to sharing door data, you'll be able to access the app that generates a real time map based on recent shared observations. Eventually, the app will also make guesses (I'd like to stress this point: guesses, no guarantees) about what's behind closed doors/out of sight/etc. based on previous observations. No personal data will be collected, because quite frankly, I've got no use for your personal information but these doors are driving me crazy.

If you have any problems with the phones, especially any spectacularly weird problems, especially if you can beat out the woman in the testing department who stretched hers into a mobius strip, let me know so I can laugh make my engineers fix it.

Praise is also welcome.
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Hello, does anyone on here know of someone who comes to the hotel who could officiate a wedding? Just a small one.
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Those of you using the hotel-issued phones on a regular basis might notice a new app on your phones this morning. It's called Nexus Map - I worked in IT, not in marketing, okay? - and it's as close as I could get to mapping out the general area and the freaky doors.

Not that anyone could map those doors. They move around. I found zombies four different times while I was trying to pinpoint Vegas and that was more than a little freaky. Let's just say I'm treating every door in the place as suspect until it doesn't reveal anyone with my brain on their menu. Unless it just doesn't open at all, or opens into nothing, or opens into a room one second and the next, you're looking at an amusement park. Messes with your head.

Right. The app.

So, instead of mapping out the location of each door, I've listed the ones I've found and everything I've been able to find out about what's inside it. Warnings (killer monkeys. don't ask.) as well as fun things to see and last known location. Pretty sure that's going to be the least useful - see above about trying to find Vegas - but it's a starting point.

If you have anything to add to that, let me know (text me, or here on the stationery if you don't have my number) and I'll update it.

My next project is a directory of sorts - names, hometowns, phone and room numbers. More on that later.

The app is similar in look to the Mall of America app, with a door list instead of stores
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Scientist seeking volunteers!

I'm currently looking for anyone that belongs to a subset planet that functions differently than Earth, both for tours of their home worlds and potential samples of strands of hair or other such materials. The information will remain confidential and is being used only in a scientific understanding capacity.

Please see Jemma Simmons for more information!
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I hear there's a door to Vegas here. Anyone interested in a Ladies' Night sometime this week?

I'm Joan Watson, by the way!
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Is anyone else getting phone reception at the hotel from their universe of origin? Or any other universe outside the Nexus, actually. As in, when you're here you can receive and make calls to other universes and/or realities? It's important. Like really, REALLY important. I cannot stress enough how important.
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Anyone needing help with their new phones, I will be in the Smoking Room tonight after seven if you need a hand figuring it out.
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If anyone sees Larry Underwood or Stuart Redman, could you send them back to alsjfaljaef

to Fran Goldsmith's room.


Thank you.
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Ullr's Undoing

When responsible for at least four guests, keep in mind that you are entrusted with a weighty task that must not be ignored lightly. Mix the highest quality Crown Royal fit for a victor with a dash of cold water to shock you back to reality. Garnish with a vegetable.

Serves three. One will always refuse, but will come back to drink it when you aren't looking.
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I've noticed that there's a clinic, but does anyone know if we have a doctor here?

Or someone with experience delivering babies? A door that leads to a maternity ward? Anything of that sort?
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Snotra's Secret

Make sure you plan well in advance of making your drinks. Create lists, use coupons, and plan to buy vodka when it's on sale (or just go with loyalty and buy Fenrir). Measure out precisely eight fluid ounces of vodka and use a feminine-empowering branch of life as a garnish.

Share with a friend and consider how much nicer it would taste in a jacuzzi.
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Me (April O'Neil - Hi!) and Isaac Lahey found a door to Disneyland. (That's an Earth theme park with tons of fun rides.) I haven't been to Disneyland before, but we did a walk through and it seemed normal. (No real monsters or dinosaurs.)

We're going back to actually ride the rides, if you want to go too meet us at the end of the third floor corridor. It's the bright purple door.


Oct. 5th, 2013 05:21 pm
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There is a door just off the lobby with an "X" painted across it in red. It's also nailed shut.

I'm still not sure how all of this works, but if it opens to the same place it did for me, it's no where anyone here wants to be.
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Baldr's Bane

Infuse the leaves of mistletoe in gin for a long period and allow it to stew until bitter. Shake vigorously with a hand of ice before thrusting the drink at a close friend.

Serves only one, once.
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Ah, yes, excellent, a source of communicative paper that somehow distributes through the span of a building. Perfect. Exactly what I need.

I don't suppose anyone's run into a horse named Susan?

I seem to have ... misplaced her.
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Gunderson's Glory

Mix immense amounts of vodka (Fenrir, preferably) with a liqueur of your choosing (must be red). Garnish it with the sprig of a mistletoe branch and light it on fire. Be near, breathe in, engage, and consume at your own risk.

Enjoy (but you won't).
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Has anyone found a door that leads to any kind of forest? Preferably one with an overpopulation of large animals and far away from the lobby?
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Hello. My name is Nick Andros.

Arriving at this place has been hard on people. Next week, I'm going to lead a support group. I know it sounds like a love-in, but that's not how it's going to be. I think most of us need to be able to talk about how we got here, or how they're dealing with it. I know I do.

Consider this an open invitation:

When: Friday 6:00 p.m.
Where: Attic Observatory
What: Community Support Group

There will be coffee and chairs. If anyone wants to bring food, feel free.
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Data is being collected in an effort to determine the exact nature of the Nexus Hotel and the trans-dimensional doorways that lead to it. Information on where, when and how you arrived here is all very useful!

If you'd like to help this project, please see Jane Foster in room 203, reply here or leave a message with the front desk.

(Unless your name is Loki, then you can go kick yourself repeatedly in the shins.)